Welcome to Royal Oak

Situated on the banks of the lake and near the forest on slightly hilly grounds, the Royal Oak offers a perfect recreational course.


Designed and built to meet international standards, the 18-hole Royal Oak golf course is in a league of its very own. As the first in Denmark, the course is built in accordance with American USGA standards, presenting very large greens averaging approximately 700 sqm. Six of these greens have a highly interesting location close to the lake. The location of two greens, in particular, is quite challenging.

Grasses of the highest quality have been used for the course. On greens, approaches and tees, the grasses used are certified penncross creeoing bent. On fairways and rought, a mixture of certified Danish grass species can be found, with red fescue grass and meadow grass as the dominant species.

The 78 sand traps add "spice" to the course and contribute to creating variation between the holes.

The Royal Oak course is allways green. An automatic watering system is installed underground, covering the entire length of the play area. The course is maintained in accordance with the latest greenkeeping principles.

Also the dressing room facilities live fully up to the high standards of Royal Oak. To name just a few, our guests wille always find towels, shampoo and hair dryers at their disposal.



18 holes incl. driving range balls, DKK 500,- 
36 holes incl. driving range balls, DKK 750,-


18 holes incl. driving range balls, DKK 500,-
36 holes incl. driving range balls, DKK 750,-

Local rules


  • Max. time allowed per 9 holes - 2 hours.
  • Tees - no practice swings allowed.
  • Always tee the ball up on the Tees.
  • Replace all divots.
  • Repair all ballmarks.
  • Rake the bunkers.
  • Metalspikes are not allowed.

Course markings:

  • White Stakes: Out of bounds.
  • Yellow Stakes: Water hazard.
  • Red Stakes: Lateral hazard.
  • Blue Stakes: Ground under repair (GUR).
  • All roads along the course are artificial surfaces (rule 24-2).
  • Stones in the bunkers may be removed without penalty (rule 24-1).
  • All distance markers are to the center of the green.
  • Please look at notice in the clubhouse.


  • No dogs allowed in the clubhouse.
  • All dogs must remain on leash.

Lasers and GPS:

  • Are permitted during all rounds - devices with heights and slope features are NOT permitted at all - even if these features can be disabled.